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Conservation Of Mass

by Hamadryad

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Eternal Loop 00:49
Distant attraction, uninvited gravity A witch looking for power In a silent storm Human magnets, black magic puppets A Luciferian daydream now Walks by your side... Demon friends precious help only lasting for a while The hag beyond the schoolgirl is running out of charm Letting go missed from her cards Misplaced pride pushing too far She won't lose without trying Some nocturnal rites... Miles away near another dimension Forces playing with the Prince, the Princess And the witch they feared a few lives ago There's no gain, there's no loss Says the first cosmic law You can always spit in the air But get ready for rain to fall... Amora Demonis - Needs some spit for the spell Amora Demonis - To lock the prince into hell Claavicula Nox - He takes the cup to his lips Claavicula Nox - Drinking from where she spits Orgasma Tenebras - The gate is wide open... Amora Demonis - Now he's locked into hell Amora Demonis - No escape from this cell Claavicula Nox - Simply nowhere to hide Claavicula Nox - Dearly missing his bride Amora Divinus - Broke the spell For darkness is drinking it's power From the sea of weakness in our souls But once you're aware, now that you beware This eternal loop is over You can let the light shine On your many lives to come...
From the highest seat on survival row I raise my fist to the clowns... below! With everlasting smiles you shouldn't trust I saw them distributing lies They carved in rust...
This ship of fools On their faces is gently floating But meanwhile in their souls The flag is already sinking But still they laugh... The clown is now the artistic king Meet the new clown, he's so funny you'll choke! Cheap entertainment where class is lacking We're paying big bucks for a low-profile joke! And still they laugh...
Still I don't smile or laugh with style Why should I force It? Never had friends in the snake pit (There's only clown shit) Since I can't see why I should be One of these turkeys Mouth wide open to their swallowed fears (Still ending in tears) Yes I'm aware and do I care What disturbs my ears Is not so awful to people raised (In empty spheres) Another flavor of the week Another mount without a peak Another face never seeked Fed on bones without meat (And) It's only the second round Still we have to slam a clown (But first) Let's get unbound Shall see a clown down on the ground... Global miscontentment is everywhere Robot-like waitresses with purple hair Serving us junkyfied eggs in white plates Rusty smiles displayed with glory and grace Surveyed relation With D.N.A. correction... corruption I can't understand Why I should buy made-up needs The law of supply and demand is not what It used to be A mutant fed on mouldy bread Is still knocking at the windows of my head But I always had the firm intention Of letting him out! Still I won't smile... Or laugh with style... Still I can't see why I should be... (...down on the ground)
This ship of fools On their faces is gently floating But meanwhile in their souls The flag is already sinking But still they laugh... The clown is now the artistic king Meet the new clown, he's so funny you'll choke! Cheap entertainment where class is lacking We're paying big bucks for a low-profile joke! And still they laugh...
Falling down on this land With strong cards high in hand Led to the early extinction Of a spark blessed by creation Some details about her look Weren't playing by the book Plainly living something small She wasn't acting like a star at all If you could see her face by moonlight Soft and pale you'd found her all night Jet black hair providing contrast Sleeping beauty made to last... When the sun shows up in her eyes Some shades of blue gets you mesmerised But when you ask her what she dreamed of Her lovely lips stay closed, by reality's bluff Physical charms always grabbing attention Aren't such a blessing in some situations Too many eyes scanning her body Destroyed this innocence That makes you move freely So she became a charming lady Locked up in her own pleasant looking cell Far away from ambition and expectation She brought herself peace, by procreating Living in the woods of fantasy Building a tower of insecurity Shades of blue mesmerising
...Action! 09:43
And now please welcome another special guest From tiny A to monster double D in quite a visual fest Ladies and mainly gentlemen Let's give a hand to modern aesthetics Partly goddess, all woman Perfect blend of flesh and plastic Expertly licking her lovely lips Down to these communicating hips She will invade your brain An embarrassing stain She will grab your attention By details way too hot to mention No rules! no holds barred ... action! No breaks! 'Till complete satisfaction! To all sleeping beauties made to last A hurried one is fading fast Like a crab in your imagination She will crawl under your reason
Nameless 10:28
I can't believe what I learned today Seems like this peace aspiring world I knew Is tired of being that way A crazy man is offering the world his madness Along with hatred and power comes The prophesied anti-Christ What a perfect timing For blood thirsty fanatics As our society is filled With young, wild and angry worthless men Who could be fighting soon enough In the name of honour and freedom Coming from a nice place Where nobody's really mean Where national security's only for ice storms Never really cared for But the cloud is growing fast And light's so precious to me So is my destiny... Should I run to the woods? Let the train cut my legs? Say goodbye to the goods for me In the name of a cause way beyond My control and concept of evolution Always tried not to be Some nameless number acting unconsciously Couldn't stand to renounce to myself And wear that number on my chest And let them ship my body-bag home And as the world's frustration finally unleashed As we mourn our brother's loss In this futile search for power Long after the pain is temporarily relieved We will still be facing one another And as the last child will rise from the ashes As he'll look around to wave the body-bags One last goodbye Long after the tears had grown into flowers He will still be facing someone someday... A single man without children First sacrifice to conscription Only facing one side of the picture Am I the only man? Deeply feeling love for life and living my life in love? Now that as a man you can cry Could you stand to turn back time? To live and die on a battlefield...
Crucified by doubts Reflected by each and everyone I've found sanctuary Beyond the walls of your reality Downward ascension Flesh and spirit lost Waiting for answers Asking for some kind of change Lately I've been painting a lot Of visions on both sides of the walls The light I keep inside of me Is the sun to any Christmas tree And it looks like very soon I could enter... The Second coming of myself Let's see, Let's wonder why your smile is so far behind The evidence speaks for itself You may have no choice But to meet your life Downward ascension Flesh and spirit lost Waiting for answers Asking for some kind of change
(i. Supra-celestial drops of water) ...instrumental (ii. Tiny Ventures) Round goes the cycle of life As clouds obscure the sun Nature's fears are all gone The sound and the melody A flow of peace and eternity As purification extends it's power Over a small army of critters Cornered by drops of water Leaving their black armour Ready to surrender Feel these emotions running deep Enter the heart of nature Transcendent music everywhere Enter my heart while I'm pure In many steady streams The mighty mountain bleeds Into the watercourse she feeds At last the river breathes And it's power unleashes Listen to the harmony of nature Witness the nature of harmony (iii. The sea) An old spirit dancing through the river Slowly scratching the shores Ever changing landscape Adapting it's line to the chords... Celebrating life's newfound shape Celebrating life's newfound state Loving the end When things are said The watercourse reaches the sea And in a short moment lived The soul ascends above the body (iv. Beyond) Held by a mere silver rope Defying ways of suffering gravity Divinely higher beyond any hope Divinely higher without any dope Sparks of light floating all around Only gentleness is here to be found Ancient entities talking without a sound About the funny things they saw down on the ground And like an oily spirit sharing his members With supra-celestial drops of water He melts impurities, taken from a material plane Into parts of infinity uniting gods to men


Hamadryad has released what may be the best prog album of 2001 for their debut.
This album has everything you could ask for in a prog album. The diversity of music on this CD is tremendous, while some underlying style still keeps it cohesive as an album. This great album comes highly recommended by most prog critics, and made the list as one of their favorites of 2001.

"Prepare to hear a form of progressive metal unlike any other. Hamadryad throwing in all sorts of world music melodies and tones as well as arrangements from jazz fusion in creation of the freshest, most creative hard rock hybrid we've heard the last five years. There is nothing like this."

"The debut by this Montreal band is one of the freshest and most exciting albums of mainstream symphonic progressive rock we've heard in some time. Powerful and often heavy, the first half of the album sometimes flirts with prog-metal, but never dwells there long enough to warrant that tag. As the album progresses, the Yes influence gets stronger and stronger and the music closer to 70's prog. Three tracks hover around the 10-minute mark, and they are the highlights. Vintage keys (Mellotron, Hammond, MiniMoog) tie the music to classic prog, while the approach and production are very modern."


released April 10, 2001


all rights reserved



Hamadryad Montreal, Québec

With 5 albums to their credit, Hamadryad is composed of 4 skillful musicians who are able to render the full complexity of their compositions and arrangements on stage, with the added dimension of the energy and impact of a live performance.
Tinted with varied flavors, and influenced by the many hard rock pioneers of the 70's, their music is still very modern, powerful and definitely always ROCK.
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